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Discover the keys to unlock your musical potential through our transformative course! Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a seasoned artist, or you are simply drawn to the healing and expressive essence of music, our harmonious fusion of musical teachings and expert vocal coaching will empower you to express yourself authentically.

Join us on this extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and creativity, where the universal language of music knows no limits!

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Gain Access to our comprehensive course content designed for musicians of all levels, and benefit from expert vocal coaching, instrumental training and song production that nurtures your authentic expression.

Basic Membership

Basic Membership

$175 Per Month

⭐︎ Weekly Zoom Calls

⭐︎ Community Forum

⭐︎ Free The Music Profile

⭐︎ Course Content Access


Membership PLUS

Membership PLUS

$325 Per Month

✡︎ Everything in Basic Plus:

✡︎ Bi-Weekly 1:1 Session

✡︎ Personal Chat Support

✡︎ Individualized Goal Plan

6 Month Transformational Experience

6 Month Full Immersion

6 Month Full Immersion

$4500 for 6 Months

✡︎ Everything Above and:

✡︎ Weekly Personalized Power Sessions

✡︎ 15hrs of Studio Time (Mixing/Mastering/Production)

✡︎ Music Career and Branding Support

✡︎ Promotion on Our Social Media Platforms

✡︎ Official Feature on One of Our Song Releases

Join us for a Retreat

This is your gateway to a world of immersive retreats that harmonize music with the soul. Each of our carefully curated personal retreats offer three unique styles, each a portal to artistic growth, authentic expression, and a profound connection to the language of music. 

Watch the video of, “Free The Music” below, a testament to the magic born from merging creativity and community during one of our retreats!

Upcoming Retreat May 31st - June 3rd

Come join us for our 4th Free The Music Immersion, this time located at The Hawk and Hawthorne in Barnardsville, NC on March 31 – June 3. This will be a deep dive Community Music Experience for aspiring musicians of all levels! We invite you to join us on this journey musical connection, inspiration, and education. We have an amazing team of facilitators ready to support and guide you in areas like vocal technique, songwriting, freestyling, instrumentalism, music production, live looping, jamming and collaboration, music business, sound healing, musical ecology, music as permaculture, vocal alchemy and embodiment, harmony, music theory, and so much more!

Use Code – LOCAL20 at checkout for a 20% discount!

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Free The Music

Meet Your Mentors

Katrina Lilly

Katrina Lilly

Katrina (Katt) Lilly has been a full-time music maker for the last 8 years, and part-time musician for several years before that. In addition to being a singer/songwriter, performer, and recording artist, she is also a vocal coach/teacher and specialize in teaching vocal acivation, confidence building, songwriting, and the art of singing harmony. Her vocal style and ability is often compared to the stylings/sound of Erykah Badu and even Adele. She weaves inspirational, authentic lyrics and soulful sounds to create transformational music journeys that evoke emotion in the crowd. She can play keyboard/piano, ukulele, guitar, drum, and occasionally other instruments as needed to support her big, soulful voice. Her style is fluid and flexible, can be performative or interactive depending on who she is signing for and what is needed.
Mateo Maclean

Mateo Maclean

Mateo is a talented singer/songwriter born and raised in Southern Africa. Finding his true passion for music at a young age, after high school he went on to study Sound Engineering and Performing Arts in Cape Town, South Africa. Over the course of 5 enriching years, Mateo absorbed the intricacies of music business, delved into the foundations of Music Theory, Majored in Vocals and Keyboard, and received his Diploma in Mixing, Mastering and Production. Since then he has learned over 5 instruments, and is successfully teaching his students everything they need to know in order to get a graceful start in their musical journeys. He is a music producer that really gets into the world of the artists he is working with. He provides constructive feedback and collaborates on refining the music ensuring it remains true to the artist's core while benefiting from his expert touch.

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You can directly support our ongoing efforts to create transformative musical experiences and reach new communities. Any financial support enables us to cover essential expenses such as event costs, travel expenses, childcare and equipment maintenance.  Consider supporting us and visit our donations page and select an amount you would like to contribute to our efforts! Thank you for being part of this journey with us!

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By providing specific items that we need, you become a tangible part of our musical exploration and growth. Whether it's instruments, equipment, or other essentials, your support through our wishlist ensures that we have the tools necessary to continue creating transformative experiences. Visit our wishlist and select an item to contribute, and together, we can enhance the power of our musical offerings!

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We believe that financial constraints should not hinder talented musicians from pursuing their dreams. By supporting our sponsorship program, you become a lifeline for aspiring musicians in need. Your donation directly contributes to scholarships, financial assistance, and daily living support of our sponsored students. If you are interested in this option and even have a musician in mind that would benefit, please contact us directly!

Meet Us

The Freedom Family

The Freedom Family

Our nomadic family of musicians and healers are dedicated to creating transformative experiences that help individuals and families tap into their authentic needs and expression. Whether it's been setting up for an intimate ceremony or retreat, a family gathering, or a community event, we can create customized musical experiences that suit everyones needs. We are honored to present our Online Music Program and be here in support of you!

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